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Helping women achieve greatness through dynamic personal brands!

Book a FREE Style Strategy Session today to uncover weak spots in your personal brand and create a roadmap that will lead you to greatness TODAY!

Rebecca W, Wellness Retreat Organizer

"I feel like I have truly found the missing piece to my entrepreneurial journey. DeJhauna does a great job explaining things in a way that anyone can understand, she's truly an inspirational coach and mentor."



Looking for styling for one-off occasions or ready to curate your closet? During this time we will understand your starting point, complete a closet assessment, begin planning your style journey, and assess your personal colors, body type, and personal taste.  

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The full style and image makeover for those ready to walk confidently and boldly in their new level with a magnetic presence. This is perfect for those who want to COMPLETLY transform their image and style with this full white glove service. 


At Reach Your Bliss, our mission is to empower high-achieving professional women in transition to become their ultimate selves by aligning their inner and outer images. We offer the tools and guidance needed to reach personal and professional bliss through personalized color analysis, body type analysis, wardrobe makeovers, personal shopping, and comprehensive image consulting. Focusing on the whole image, we go beyond superficial appearances, providing a transformative experience that enhances confidence, authenticity, and success.


At Reach Your Bliss, we embrace authenticity, excellence, and personal growth as the cornerstones of our image consulting services. We are dedicated to creating a supportive and empowering environment where high-achieving individuals can discover their true potential, radiate confidence, and unlock their path to lasting success

Full spectrum Image Consultant, DeJhauna, teaches women how to tap into the most powerful version of themselves, so they may unearth their fullest potential by living a life of fulfillment and authenticity. DeJhauna believes that in order for the outer version of you to shine the inner version of you must align.


DeJhauna is an author, guide, and content creator for high-achieving individuals who are ready to take their life to the next level!

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