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The Full Story

Reach Your Bliss is a holistic Image Consulting firm. We specialize in crafting a magnetic personal presence for service-based women entrepreneurs and founders who are frustrated and overwhelmed with gaining the traction necessary to grow and scale their businesses. 


We are known for helping women entrepreneurs and founders establish an unparalleled level of confidence that allows them to attract their dream clients effortlessly. We found that while many women entrepreneurs and founders are experts in their area of discipline they haven't cultivated their personal influence enough to use it to their advantage. With our guidance, our clients learn to foster their personal influence, and cultivate a magnetic persona, that in turn attracts more of the clientele they want for their businesses.


Reach Your Bliss uses a holistic approach when it comes to crafting an image that is powerful and authentic for our clients. This sets us apart from other image consulting firms or just regular personal stylists. We understand the importance of having a polished and refined exterior image, however, we have also learned that if the interior doesn't match the exterior you are likely to regress to previous versions of yourself that repeal future clientele. As our client, you will leave with a magnetic presence that instantly attracts your dream clients AND the knowledge to sustain your new persona.

Our Founder


DeJhauna was born with a passion for helping women and encouraging others to be the best version of themselves and dream the impossible. 


She earned a bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Psychology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2014. After much trial and error in the corporate world, DeJhauna recognized that if she wanted to help others to the extent of her heart's desire she would have to branch out on her own. 


The birth of Reach Your Bliss in 2020 gave new life to DeJhauna as she navigated the challenges of rebuilding her life after divorce. DeJhauna encourages women to walk in their power and cultivate confidence in a way that no one else does. She innately understands the struggles of feeling uncomfortable with being more of your authentic self while strategically navigating you toward your most influential self.


When she is not taking clients to the next level DeJhauna spends her leisure time baking bread, sourcing vintage items, or enjoying the sun at one of the many beautiful parks around Austin.

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